About Us

We care very much about people.

Thomarts Gallery is a privately owned neo-expressionist contemporary art gallery that is run by South African renowned sculptor, painter and writer, Nkosinathi Thomas Ngulube and his wife-cum-Executive Director, Mrs Nkgadi Sheena-Leigh Ngulube.
Thomarts Gallery runs art and business workshops in Mpumalanga province to rural raw artists and Cape Town township artists: we enhance their techniques and improve their skills.
Our curatorial approach focuses on showcasing the most potentially prolific artists to emerge from these art workshops in both solo and group exhibitions run in our broader gallery programme.
Thomarts Gallery is jet-propelling into a fine arts gallery to occupy an important and game changing niche in the local and international contemporary art market. We are on a journey that discovers and empowers talent that will cause a stir on the art market and are passionately available in the production and accompaniment of our artists in maintaining the DNA of our diversities. In our business we value people, hereby making our artists’conceptual discourse affordable and thereby building on a foundation that provides an environment for our artists to flourish with our clients


A.D.   Nkosinathi Thomas Ngulube


E.D.   Nkgadi Sheena-Leigh Ngulube