130cm x 180 cm
160cm x 100cm
A passing glance

Bob Mnisi

Bob addresses issues pertaining to traditional initiation and death as a result. He also questions the death of tradition through modernization. His works are a reflection of his social concerns. As much as his work reflects these socio-political pains,

Bob Mnisi ‘s art has a sardonic beauty and humorMnisi also regards himself as a silent/shy poet. A man whose character is more humble and reserved, Bob’s ideal voice is one who only speaks through his work

Minister of Finance is a depiction of most african politicians who bleed their countries to poverty through filling in their pockets at the expense of its citizens .
This piece depicts the animal in us that is most often disguised by the beautiful and confident mask we put out there. However this piece is more understandable in terms of 'demonic possessions' that the artist often relates to as a spectacle in many spiritual churches. The admiration of his work tends to veer us byu its beauty from the dark subjects that he normally touches

Abongile Ngqunqe

a young artist based in Nyanga who reaches out in his community to teach the young about art.Ngqunqe’s work is both political and spiritual,addressing many issues in our country and his immediate surrounds.He works across many mediums and flaunts his skill amicably in any material.His choice of materials are often shocking but it is who he is and expresses his freedom in whatever materials he chooses, be it a lino plate, a rusted steel scrap, any available paper or platform.His works are bright and exciting to the tastes of many of his art collectors.

Urban Soul
Desert Soul
Hola Heita



Okkie Petersen

Okkie is a san (bushman) and portrays his culture beautifully on canvas, reminiscent of his ancestors by mixing various natural materials. He is also an activist fighting for the rights of displaced san people around South Africa. He is also involved with the arts academy found by the prolific and talented international muso Ray Phiri of Stimela in Mpumalanga in a skills development programme for the rural youth.