Ayanda Nkosi

Ayanda Nkosi is a contemporary artist born in Kwa-Zulu Natal, Richards Bay, South Africa., in 1983. She moved to Johannesburg in 2003 . Having had an interest in art since High school and experimenting in various art forms, Ayanda explored the theatre in performing arts. The passionate urge to break new ground led her to settle for visual art, as she was drawn by colour.  When she relocated to Mpumalanga , she met the directors of Thomarts Gallery and their meeting grew to what is an exciting and artistic business relationship today. Thomarts Gallery represents the artist exclusively.
Having had a successful art workshop that found her strengths and enhanced her techniques, Ayanda has become a household name and is now known for her colourful, vibrant,  bold strokes. Her shocking use of colour has the vibrant power to shower one with joyful happy feelings. ‘ My art is feel good art. It brings a brightness of joy and hope to my audience”

Ayanda’s work expresses her fascination with abstract,  storytelling and textures that she incorporates this into her avant-garde art works. She has created a unique painting technique that involves pouring paint on unique surfaces such as canvas, sculptures and the fashionistas brown design paper; a material seen as junk or unprofessional in the art industry but one that has been very popular with her customers. Her work is multi layered and has an iridescence of beauty that brings her paintings to life and encourages interaction with the viewer.
 Using predominantly primary colours which are picked from the South African flag, she reflects South Africa; a nation whose foundation is built on Love, Hope, Unity and Diversity. At a time when there is so much instability and uncertainty in society, Ayanda’s work brings positivity and inspires one to feel good, like a well behaved cool cat. The conveyance of her beautiful stories is unified in her abstract figures by text and geometric shapes.

1983 -
Nationality: Kwa-Zulu Natal, South African
Residence: 41 Oakwood Manor, Thornhill Village, Bendor, Polokwane