Published 11 September 2023 in Thomarts Gallery

Thomarts Gallery

COLLABORUPTS, which stands for, “ a Collaboration with Rural artists in producing original art for Prints”, is a Thomarts Gallery special art project that aims to build a long term employment benefit to a minimum of 10 young and olld creatives on wood, pottery, African mats, bead-works, etc. based in Mpumalanga and Limpopo. Various handpicked designs and materials will be infused as assemblages, by the crafters and artists, under the auspices of South African versatile artist, Nathi Ngulube and Thomarts Gallery. Works will be produced by executing them over a period of 5 months, which will involve intense production over 20 days per month. Production of the 10 originals, on wooden panels, will be executed in Mpumalanga and Limpopo provinces by 10 creatives respectively per province. These creatives are mostly females and disabled peoples who are knowledgeable and practising fully in their trades but hardly make ends meet. In this collaboration, they will be embarking on a project that is both new, unique and educational to them, if not creative and profitable. Nathi will fuse their talents into a concrete special project by delegating them to birth the idea of Thomarts Gallery in curbing possible failure of their careers. This project is imperative as it contributes to the upliftment of the South African Art Sector. This project is made possible through PESP4, in collaboration with BASA, Dept of Sport, Art and Culture.

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