Box of Mind

The headless figure depicts the hidden conversation from the sources of communication and the power which we see it as the mind. Ancestors communicate with us by visions, dreams and thoughts through our senses. The halo stands as a symbol of unity that is like a ring which is rotund, has no beginning or ending, is timeless and eternal with a deep-end symbol of marrying two different beings as one. Our forefathers, during ceremonial practices, have of long time moved in a circle, though in an anticlockwise sequence: a ritual of going back in time, an age-old ceremonial practice before we were born. The gift carriers are there to help for the purpose, survival and encouragement.

  • Box of Mind
  • Mandisi Mncela
  • 2021
  • Mixed media on designers' paper
  • signed at the bottom
  • 75 x 120 cm