Femmes Aux Scarifications / woman with Sacrifications

In this portait taken in Philippe Koudjina's studio, a young woman is looking straight at the objective. Her forehead presents scarifications evoking the batamaris people from northern Togo. In the early 1960s, national of Togo (then Dahomey) made up the most numerous foreigners community in Niamey, strong of 19% of the overal population of the capital. Face tatoos and scarring have been used for centuries as a form of ethnic and cultural identity in West African, however it has gradually been abandoned to the point that it is currently almost inexistent.

These Limited editions are exclusive to Thomarts Gallery through the Koudjina Estate and are curated mostly for the Investec Cape Town Art Fair 2023. Available in museum conservation frame. Black Aluminium(slimline). Final size 64cm x 64cm
  • Femmes Aux Scarifications / woman with Sacrifications
  • Philippe Koudjina
  • 1960-1970
  • Semi-Gloss paper
  • Stamp signature
  • 10
  • Sheet Size: 46 x 46 cm - Image Size: 40 x 40 cm
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