The painting uses the reigning and fall of kings/kingdoms as a common human experience in which at multiple stages of our lives we are at the height of success and the next at the bottom whether financially, emotionally or otherwise.

I chose to use a king or kingdoms because every culture has or had some form of monarchy or royalty as we consider them and can all relate and understand the concept of monarch. Second part of it is that we all see ourselves as Kings and Queens of our own kingdoms or lives and in these we go through ups and downs, this is symbolized in the King’s crown which is has peaks and valleys in it.

Lastly the king in the painting is the king of spades, a spade is a tool we are all familiar with and is used worldwide to “break new ground” when starting a new building project, farming or gardening signifying new beginnings or to lay someone to rest. A spade also symbolizes words that can be either used to start relationship and if used incorrectly can actually do more damage than good.

  • Ayanda Nkosi + Nkosinathi Thomas Ngulube
  • 2020
  • Mixed media on Fabriano
  • Artists signatures at the back of the paintings. Front bottom right signed with artists thumb print
  • 175 x 145 centimeters
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