National Anthem (Nkosi Sikelela)

This work depicts our democratic journey, whereby the majority feel that we are our own bosses and have misinterpreted what freedom means. To many, freedom is to stay at home and look at foreigners work while we complain that they take our jobs to the point of incresed Xenophobia, tribalism and racism. In our misunderstanding of freedom we have adopted the same bitterness and fear of those that once oppressed us. As a South African who was born in a segregation era, and matured into a new era od freedom, my concerns are the decaying moral values that stink from the top. We have all become both police and criminal as we break our own rules.

The uniform in the hands on white gloves symbolises the tablets of the law, its continuance by itself to keep  peace among people, yet it is diregarded.

I leave the viewer to ponder on what is meant by the direction and the movement of the figures.

  • National Anthem (Nkosi Sikelela)
  • Mandisi Mncela
  • 2022
  • Mixed media on designers' paper
  • signed at the bottom
  • 100 x 149 cm