Remise de prix / Awards Ceremony

The three children have been placed to appear to be of descending height. The one in the middle appears to be of mixed race and/or, potentially of African descent. The Nigerien education system has been replicated from the French system, and a proper French school (Lycée La Fontaine) was created in 1962 in Niamey for the purpose of educating the offspring of French expats.

These Limited editions are exclusive to Thomarts Gallery through the Koudjina Estate and are curated mostly for the Investec Cape Town Art Fair 2023. Available in museum conservation frame. Black Aluminium (slimline). Final size 64cm x 64cm
  • Remise de prix / Awards Ceremony
  • Philippe Koudjina
  • 1960-1970
  • Semi-Gloss paper
  • Stamp signature
  • 10
  • Sheet Size: 46 x 46 centimeters - Image Size: 40 x 40 centimeters
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