“If music be the food of love, play on” Duke Orsino in the famous play by William Shakespear “Twelfth Night”

Music is one of the most powerful forms of expression. People sing when they are happy, sad, in love or as an expressional art form. Interestingly that we also consume music the same way however how we make music was and is still in some cases unique to some culture from the African Mbira to the bag pipes of the Scottish people we have all found our unique way of expressing music.

One form of music though that has remained the same is singing. The painting has two figures male and female, the female figure has vertical lines which can refer to the high pitched voice of the female and the horizontal lines referred to the baritone and low tones of the male voice.

It’s also fascinating to note that armies worldwide used music in some form when going into battle; Shaka’s impis sang as they marched to battle while the English marched to a drumbeat!

Music is also one of the most exported art forms; from the Beatles singing in Japan to Hugh Masikela playing Jazz in the US, music connects all of us on a deeper, primal level.

  • Ayanda Nkosi + Nkosinathi Thomas Ngulube
  • 2020
  • Mixed media on Fabriano
  • Artists signatures at the back of the paintings. Front bottom right signed with artists thumb print
  • 175 x 145 centimeters
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