The Lawyer's Mind

This artwork depicts the brokenness of our society. For the law to exist we must first break the unwritten law, the morality of human nature. We try by all means not to break the law, but unfortunately it is a human trait since creation.

The abstracted figures show visionary energy between nature and the law. It is a fusion of free will and it’s arrested development. I illustrate my emotions to widely touch on issues of gender, the abuse of women, sex crimes and greed. I believe that in our generation the unfairness of law is that it is not just as it favours the most powerful who live beyond it or hand it down to us. The writings on the painting expresses the terms used by those in power to carry the fragile law because it keeps getting broken piece by piece and it get too old to carry, as long as it is beneficial to them.

The lawyer's mind purpose is to put those broken pieces together for us to carry on with our ‘sorry’ lives while the looters of the economy thrive untouched and boisterous.

  • The Lawyer's Mind
  • Mandisi Mncela
  • 2021
  • Mixed media on designers' paper
  • signed at the bottom
  • 73,5 x 93.5 cm
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