The Truth Of A Consequence  is proven by the aftermath. That is the nature of everything. In the like manner, when we touch on blood, sweat and tears, these are elements of the truth of a consequence. In Mathematics we use a BODMAS and it bears forth an aftermath of the calculation. Most seldom, the results of actions and words bring about a myriad ( check if it means a mixture or variety, if yes then use other word) or a mosaic formation. 

This hereby is the result of our present world: a distorted beauty. And as individuals we have a choice to either see beyond the evil hand distortions or see the deadpan beauty  between the lines. We miss a lot through distortions and l invite you to look closer at my painting and be able to be lost in it's intricacies that are invisible when you view 3.5 meters away. Aftermaths are defined according to where you see the result from, but a closer look makes us see the truth from the lie

  • Nkosinathi Thomas Ngulube
  • 2021
  • Mixed Media on Canvas
  • Artist's left thumbprint in signature bottom right
  • 151 x 196 cm
  • ZAR 83,000.00