The Yoke

The responsibility of a woman (the man with a womb) is to carry what has been given by the ancestors as a gift from God and continue their blood line as a clan, in accordance with our traditions. The metaphor that is used to show the symbol of victory is the heavy ammunition lifted up in confidence and that depicts a yoke carried by an old woman that is always calling to and ready to handover to the young ones. Her eyes are exaggerated with an appearance that is borrowed from an African mask kind that depicts a spiritual mood. The pattern on the background denotes the power of uNomhoyi, the god of fertility. These are twinned together as storytellers in the depictions of the power of woman in our culture.

  • The Yoke
  • Mandisi Mncela
  • 2021
  • Mixed media on designers' paper
  • signed at the bottom
  • 75.5 x 120 cm