Investec Cape Town Art Fair

February 17, 2023 - February 19, 2023

Thomarts Gallery booth at the Investec Cape Town Art Fair 2023, showcases a curated selection of editioned photographs of the late Phillipe Koudjina, which jointly fit together with the DNA of the notion of time. Koudjina’s paramount works have a historical context that is laced with timeless intricacies on par with most modern masters.

Although the executed works are already in ownership of a ‘presence’ or plain- speaking, an appeal factor, the showing engages with our audience the intellect of the photographer’s execution of the human form, love, motion and moments that are his most unique, and in most cases are a struggle for music, poetry or art to capture vividly.

 These works are a reflection of Phillipe Koudjina and  an entire lot can be derived from them to pinpoint who the man behind the lenses was. Our  presentation  captures the energy and ambience of his works.

The fine art quality photographs. In inkjet printing on German paper, Hanhemuhle, are printed in editions of 10 each and the images will be in dimensions of 40cm x 40cm (64cm x 64cm FRAMED) 

Woven in a none monotonous proviso, Phillipe’s fortè oozes a significant possession of times past to present, if not futuristic permeating: his nudity of the human soul unpolluted by its negative history or that present time, but the powerful emotions and notions of freedom, peace and beauty that he so passionately captured on the palm of his hand and through the lens that defined a human spirit than a racial based one. 

Phillipe Koudjina saw beyond color, nationality ethnicity and race. Born in Togo, his family moved to Benin and at age 17,  migrated to make his home in  Niger until his time of death.


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